New York Foreclosure Attorneys

Peter T. Roach and Associates, P.C. offers a multitude of services to the Mortgage Default Services industry throughout New York State, including foreclosure, bankruptcy, litigation, evictions and REO sales. Our Loss Mitigation team provides assistance and expertise with Loan Modifications and Deeds in lieu of Foreclosure (DILs).

Our Specialized Approach

Our fully automated processes allow us to manage each one of our cases efficiently and to respond quickly to clients’ status requests. We have over 30 years of experience in default mortgage services and are able to handle the most complex of matters. Our litigation team can resolve the most complex disputes as quickly and in as cost effective a manner as possible.


Our strategy is to proceed with foreclosure expeditiously, while trying to ascertain what it is the defendants are truly seeking in order to resolve the matter. We try to settle every dispute through loss mitigation, but there are times when we must litigate, as oftentimes, a strong set of motion papers will expedite the settlement process.

Foreclosure Excellence

We have an outstanding track record for success in summary judgment motions and an excellent reputation in all courts throughout New York State. Our timelines reflect our efficiencies and dedication. Feel free to contact us at and see how quickly we respond!

Working Within Your Current Fee Structure

Peter T. Roach and Associates, P.C. will accept all GSE fee schedules as well as those of any major servicer or institution.

Status Reports

Since we are fully automated, Peter T. Roach and Associates, P.C. can quickly provide detailed status reports to clients, with little advance notice. Mr. Roach is personally available to discuss the details or strategy of any case. We report to our clients through multiple channels of communication including Black Knight, ADR, Vendorscape, Lenstar, Tempo, New Invoice, and various custom client-side reporting systems, and can adapt to any client’s reporting system.