New York Default Services & Loss Mitigation

Serving The Rights of Creditors Since 1979

Peter T. Roach & Associates, a New York law firm with over 35 years of experience in real estate law and default mortgage services including foreclosure, bankruptcy, evictions, REO sales, loss litigation and litigation.

Whom We Represent

Roach Law Firm provides mortgage default services to some of the largest financial institutions and mortgage servicers throughout the country including New York, California and Texas.

Areas of Practice

At Roach Law Firm, we focus solely on needs of creditors. Our areas of practice include:

Foreclosure: Our strategy is to proceed quickly and expeditiously through the foreclosure process, while seeking to understand what both parties truly want as a resolution. Our preference is to settle disputes through loss mitigation, but we are prepared to litigate if required. We use an automated system to efficiently manage our cases and quickly respond to status update requests, but you can be assured that our experienced team has an excellent track record of success throughout New York State.

Bankruptcy: Our practice is limited solely to representing creditors, so no conflict of interest is present. Our area of focus is on bankruptcies that affect foreclosures. Depending on your needs, we will expeditiously file a Motion for Relief (MFR) from the automatic stay, establish standing when Assignment of Mortgage documents are lost, file Proofs of Claim (POCs), review bankruptcy plans and object to confirmation when warranted, and assist with the Bankruptcy Court’s loss mitigation processes. Our automated system ensures prompt responses to all requests for status updates.

Litigation: Our priority is to protect our client’s interests, so we use a variety of strategies from aggressive pursuit to a lighter touch. We are flexible and sensitive to costs, and we will always try to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solution to your dispute.

Real Estate: We represent both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties, from single family homes to condominiums and cooperatives. We are also highly experienced in the complex Short Sale process. Mr. Roach is a leading author and expert in real estate law, regularly lectures on real estate law, and has won numerous awards and accolades in the field.

Collection: Our Debt Collection group focuses solely on the collection of debts of all types. We are also experienced with repossessions and the pursuit of deficiency judgments. We will make every effort to compel payment without filing suit, but we are prepared to take cases to court for judgment. Once a judgment is entered, we use a variety of tools to locate and restrain assets to ensure payment.